Dec. 1, 2015

There's this guy spoken of in the Bible who was born blind (John 9). I haven't given his plight much thought until recently. I tried to put myself in his place to imagine what it would be like to constantly be in the dark. I've been told that when one of our senses does not function that our other senses seem to pick up the slack. Perhaps that meant that he could hear better. I don't know. Back when he was living people looked down their noses at those that had some kind of malady and tried to distance themselves from them. They were the outcasts of society. So glad people don't behave that way today or do they. Even the disciples of Jesus wanted to know who sinned that he was born blind. When Jesus rubbed mud on his eye sockets and told him to go wash in a fountain I tried to imagine how he knew what direction to go in to get to the fountain. Perhaps he could hear the noise the water made or one of his friends led him. At any rate he comes back seeing! Can you just imagine hearing familiar sounds and finally being able to see where those sounds were coming from.

Here's this guy. He's been an outcast all of his life and his outcast position was defined by religious people. That doesn't happen today does it? The kicker to this story for me comes when Jesus makes the statement that he came for judgement so that those who are blind may see and those who think they see may remain blind. Ouch! If ever there was a paradox here it is! What this story has communicated to me is unless I court the idea and come to some decision that I too have been born blind I may not have the opportunity to step into the light of real understanding.

Nov. 30, 2015

I notice the moon in all of its quarters but I asked someone the other day when did they notice the moon the most. They told me when it is full. Of course the moon has no light of its own but simply reflects the light from the sun. Have you ever thought that we might just be like the moon? In other words, we seem to reflect our surroundings. If our surroundings are positive we reflect that outwardly. If they are negative, well you get the idea. It has been said that we are beings of reflection. If that is so we would be at our brightest when we are positioned in such a way to bathe in the warmth of the son and to reflect what we have experienced in that fellowship. Even though the moon has all the scars left behind by numerous meteor impacts I never hear people express their dismay when the moon is full. The thought occured to me that I have been spinning around on planet earth over sixty years and never entertained such a thought. Your and my reflection may provide the brightest reflected light for all to see when we are full!!!!