Dec. 3, 2017

The faithful few are listening to hear the Master speak,
Although they're sick and wounded and very very weak.

They all have come long distances to hear His words of cheer,
So 'round His pierced feet they sit and this is what they hear.

"I've felt the weight you've carried all, the stress upon your breast,
The sleepless nights and toilsome days with not an ounce of rest."

"I've walked with you, that rocky path, when everything seemed lost,
And held you in my silent arms and helped you count the cost."

"I did not leave you then, my child, I will not leave you now,
I'll place my hand of comfort sweet upon your feverish brow."

"I know the journey has been long to reach the golden shore,
To take that final step of faith for pleasures evermore."

"But take it you must, that final step, to blissful shores of ease,
Where rest you'll find within my love where there is no more sea."
(see Revelation 21:1)

Al Carden